WOW Playground welcomes all kids and kid at heart to our little piece of heaven. To ensure that you have the best time, please take a little time to read the following conditions. They are designed to keep you safe and maximise your enjoyment at the playground.

PLEASE NOTE that by entering into our playground, you confirm that you have read and agreed with the entry conditions and shall indemnify us from any liabilities of any kind caused by your failure to comply with the following conditions.

An adult must supervise all children under the age of 13. The playground staff cannot be substituted as a supervisor for any children. All children shall be under the care, supervision and responsibility of the said supervising adult. Supervising adult must be 18-year-old or over.

Any activity in a playground may cause injury to the children or the supervising adult, by entering into the playground, you expressly acknowledge and accept such risk, and we do not accept any responsibilities for any such risk.

All supervising adults are to use their best judgment to ensure safe play of the children, such as safe handling and usage of any playground equipment, control of the children’s behaviour.

Each play area contains its age restrictions, and children must be playing within their corresponding area. Adults are not permitted to be on equipment and/or areas that marked for children only.

All children and supervising adults entering into the play area must wear socks, no shoes and/or bare feet at all times within the play area.

All children and their supervising adults must wear our wrist band provided, anyone without a wrist band will be asked to leave the play area.

We are proud to provide an on-site café for all your food and drink needs. No outside food and/or drink is permitted within the playground premises. All food and/or drink purchased from our on-site café must be consumed at the café, and no food and/or drink shall be allowed in the play area.

No sharp and/or hard object of any kind is permitted in the play area; this includes but not limited to watches, jewellery, computer, etc.

No smoking, alcohol consumption is permitted within the playground premises, and violence and/or inappropriate behaviour of any kind will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

The supervising adult is responsible for the storage and safety of all personal belongings, and we will not accept any responsibility for any lost and/or stolen personal belongings.

Should there be an accident, the supervising adult must report to the playground staff as soon as it occurred, however, shall not be later than the departure time of that visit.

Any non-compliance with the entry conditions and/or other conduct, behaviour of children and/or his/her supervising adult/s may result in the said parties be denied entry to the playground, whether or not such person has paid for their visit. Any such exercise of denial shall be the sole discretion of the playground, and any and all monies paid by the said person/s shall be non-refundable.